Sound design, mixing, composition and editing for documentaries, narratives and corporate videos.

Since 1996, Berkeley Sound Artists has established itself as the “go-to” audio house for documentary and narrative filmmakers, video game companies, corporate video producers and live event coordinators.

Berkeley Sound Artists is home to an experienced group of editors, mixers, composers and sound designers. Whether it’s the cleanup and polish that your documentary soundtrack needs or the perfect sound design for an independent film, BSA has the talented people and facilities that will give your project creative, pristine sound.

“Our philosophy is simple. Everyone working on a project has to care about it as much as the client.”

James LeBrecht
Founder and Lead Sound Designer

Berkeley Sound Artists has a stellar reputation in the world of postproduction audio.

We’ve made a name for ourselves as one of the preeminent documentary sound houses in the country. Our reputation is based on our creative sensitivity, technical expertise and ability to really listen to our clients’ desires.

Post sound happens at an interesting time in a film’s development. Everyone has been working on it for years. The months leading up to picture lock have been arduous. And then, this new group of people comes onboard—the sound crew. Will they care as much as we do? Will they get us to the finish line on time? We know that your film is your baby and we’ll take good care of it!

“Huge shout out to you and all your crew for the world class work on “The Force.” All year I’ve been ranting about unintelligible police radio traffic, and now, suddenly, it’s all there, crystal clear, rescued from chaos and jumble by Berkeley Sound Artists. You’ve allowed every line of every character’s dialogue to do its job in perfect balance with Oakland’s own city-soundscape. The surround, which I usually can’t stand in documentaries, is utterly transparent, takes me completely into the town and its protests; it’s never in your face, just in your ear and heart—where it belongs. Artists, indeed!!!”

Jon Else, Academy Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker

“Jim LeBrecht and his colleagues at Berkeley Sound Artists are simply the best. Jim doesn’t just mix your film, he embraces it. He makes sure he understands the story you’re trying to tell, and then he uses all of his creativity, sensitivity and skill to make sure your film resonates with richness and heart.”

Dave Iverson, Director of Capturing Grace

“Berkeley Sound Artists is my top choice for sound editing, design and mixing. Jim LeBrecht and his team are exceptionally talented. BSA works with filmmakers to support and enhance the narrative of the film while managing all of the technical requirements for theatrical, broadcast and other forms of distribution. Best of all, they are a pleasure to work with and extremely client-focused, especially with all the schedule pressures of post production.”

Linda Davis, Producer of The Force, The Kill Team and The Waiting Room