• Start the export at 00:59:50:00 for 10 seconds of preroll. Picture starts at 1:00:00:00

  • Include head pop at 00:59:58:00 and tail pop 2 seconds after the last frame of picture

  • Video formats: Pro Res LT, Avid DNxHD or H264.  

  • Include your rough audio mix when exporting video. It will be our reference track

  • Include window burn with timecode and video identifier, placed in a top corner of the frame. The video identifier should look like this: SW_R1_v03_080320

    • Show_Reel(if applicable)_Version_Date(month date year) 



  • 2-Pop: Include a single frame tone that lines up with your video head and tail pop

  • Organize your audio tracks:

    • VO

    • Dialogue A – Formal Interviews

    • Dialogue B – Informal Dialogue

    • PFX – Non dialogue sounds from production (ambience, vehicles, etc)

    • PIX – Sound FX added by the picture department

    • Music – Score

  • DO NOT cut lav and boom together on the same track. Different microphones always need to be on their own track in a consistent fashion.

  • Make sure to include ALL mic options (Boom, Lav, Camera).

  • Include separate audio folders for the following:

    • Room tones

    • Wild Lines 

    • Complete production audio – raw files. Narrative films only.


  • Our preferred export from Premiere is an AAF. Here are the options to choose:​

    • Breakout to Mono

    • 48khz Sample Rate

    • 24 Bit

    • Separate Audio

    • Wav Format

    • Trim Audio Files to 720 frames (30 Seconds)

  • An OMF can also work but AAF is preferred.

    • Breakout to Mono

    • 48khz Sample Rate

    • 24 Bit

    • Separate Audio

    • Wav Format

    • Trim Audio Files to 720 frames (30 Seconds)​

Include an EDL file with your delivery. 

This will be extraordinarily helpful if there are any picture edits after we begin our sound work. Here is a page of information about how to prepare your EDL file:

AAF Export Screenshot (1).png

Deliver all media on a USB 3, bus-powered drive. Films shorter than 30 minutes can be delivered via Dropbox, Hightail or Aspera. Hard drives can be dropped off at our front desk: 2600 Tenth Street Berkeley CA 94710. Other arrangements can be made if needed. Please reach out to us to discuss.