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Jennifer Brea


Jennifer Brea, Lindsey Drysen, Alysa Nahmias

Unrest - Official Trailer HD
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Rerecording Mixer

James LeBrecht

Sound Designer

James LeBrecht

Sound Effect Editor

Bijan Sharifi


Special Jury Prize Documentary Editing, 2017 Sundance Film Festival

Jennifer Brea is a Harvard PhD student about to marry the love of her life when suddenly her body starts failing her. Hoping to shed light on her strange symptoms, Brea grabs a camera and films the darkest moments as she is derailed by M.E. (commonly known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), a mysterious illness some still believe is “all in your head.” Brea’s wonderfully honest portrayal asks us to rethink the stigma around a disease that affects millions of people. Unrest is a vulnerable and eloquent personal documentary that is sure to hit closer to home than many could imagine.

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